Elevator Pitch

Using the Pitch as Intrapreneur* – Possible? Useful? Recommendable?

elevator pitch - who are you?

It is my pleasure to invite you to come by – free of charge – to our Speed Negotiating Pre-Event #4 in our new Congress Hall:   tomorrow Friday, April 2nd, 14.00 CET.    I will interview our speaker Mladen Zaprianov on different situations to presenting projects and ideas on the “company inside” and how to adapt your Elevator Pitch to the expectations of your listener(s).    Mladen Zaprianov is change expert with lots of experience in company and international settings will share his experience. (10 minutes)   #

What is an Elevator Pitch exactly?

* Don´t know what Intrapreneurship is? Yes, it is really called that way! Have a look at https://intrapreneurship.at/ to finding out.

Why do so many companies choose to get ahead with Amin Talab as their dedicated Negotiation Consultant?

What is Amin Talab´s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) about? Find out in this short presentation, or as some would call it: Elevator Pitch (What is an Elevator Pitch?)

How does a Negotiation Consultant help people improve their negotiation results?  Find that information in the About us section here

Why Amin Talab is the right person to choose…

You hear clients coming forward with many reasons for choosing Amin Talab to support them with their negotiations.

However, the most straight forward one is this: He delivers and improves their negotiation output.

Because operating in a globalized world shows them one truth: It is not sufficient to understand your own culture and negotiation practice. You better know the pitfalls and tricks used on the international level. It is helpful to understand and compare different approaches and ways of thinking.

That´s where Amin Talab´s knowledge and background proves very useful..

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