Conviction Rhetoric

Keep it short? Or go into details? Bring documents? Or do the graphs and sketches on the spot?
Listen? Or show off with detailed expert knowledge?


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Each of your negotiation partners has his individual understanding of how to employ language in negotiations. With some people your “share a common language” without thinking. Other you “simply don´t understand“ even though you have been preparing so carefully.

We will look into these differences and possibilities to deal with them. With this training you will find it way easier to cater to individual communicative differences of suppliers, colleagues and clients. Of course that knowledge improves your relationships and results in negotiations.

The decisive advantage of our experience based workshops is that you can actually try out different approaches in negotiations, observe diverse behavior and exchange with others about impact and differences.

3 days

  • “Help, she does not understand me!“ It is a long way from arguing to making somebody understand. Dissect the communicative process and grasp what is blocking true understanding.
  • You discuss perception differences and how these can have an positive influence in your negotiation.
  • Analyze different verbal patterns and classify those to belong to different negotiation types (corresponding to the seminar block psycho-logic negotiator).
  • Strengthen your verbal reflexes in the ready-wit training part.
  • Convince the committee by your clear argumentation to chose your candidate. Otherwise the choice might be for the wrong applicant.
  • Feel what it is like to play out your power (or fight against it), when negotiation funds to continue intercultural projects for an independent NGO in the ”European Odyssey“ case.
  • Get to know different questioning techniques and find out how to get to your desired answer.
  • Learn how to use phraseology to radiate self-confidence instead of belittling yourself in the beginning and different parts of the negotiation.
  • Negotiate the best price for your coffee and ensure that the buying university markets it the best way with future clients as well.
  • Collect anonymous feedback from the other negotiators in our copyright protected Circle Feedback process and learn how other assess you and would want to prepare when facing you in a negotiation.

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