Negotiation JOKER for short-term support

Your Negotiation Joker
Hallo Negotiation friends,

Do you want to ensure reaching your objectives in upcoming negotiations?

How about an independent second opinion on your strategy? Somebody to discuss tactics with confidentially? Heck, you can even rehearse upcoming sensitive phases of your negotiation (under whatever name it is conducted) and try out different options!

You can do all that easily with a phone JOKER

  • FLEXIBLE: one-time or accompanying
  • EXTENSIVE: for any kind of negotiation
  • PRACTICAL: skype, facetime, e-mail, whatsapp
  • PERSONAL: 100% customized to you indivudally
  • PROFESSIONAL: direct access to the negotiation expert
Because of the incredibly positive feedback and a very satisfying, positive experience with this short-term form of support, I will give you a

Satisfaction guarantee

You can only win! I take the full risk on me, as I believe you will be happy to get to know this new, fast, and very affordable form of support! There are no strings attached!

Choosing the right wording in your e-mail, analyzing your negotiation partnersfinding motivation to go through a conflict or assessing strategy: You can count on my support by your side!