Review – Outlook – Vision

Without the right objective & strategy in negotiations, you can easily be “winning the battles, but losing the war”.

We overestimate what we can achieve in a few weeks and underestimate what can be improved in a year or even several years. Rushed from the short term to the next short term goal, we often can´t make progress on the really big issues in our lives. It doesn’t have to be this way!

This seminar at the beginning of the year grants the appropriate space for your most important (life) projects. The structure, tasks and small group provide the right energy to set goals self-confidently, to appreciate successes and to actively plan the future.

In addition to all the hectic pace and To-Do lists, when else do you have time to calmly plan your own annual projects, set and evaluate goals?

Pursue your own thoughts and exchange idease - there is space and time for both here

Success is a choice, as is the time to make it! Even great moments often do not find appreciation during the everyday grind. However, achieving and setting goals is more fun if you consciously "feel and experience" your achievements.

In retrospect, we will relive the year in front of our inner eyes like in a film. We will explore the success of last year and develop vision for our future, each for him/herself and yet together in this workshop "among negotiating friends".

This setting helps to skip the often necessary precautions in your own professional environment or any pretense or feelings of guilt in front of family and close friends. In the small group we also don´t need to worry about expectations or demands of your own family or friends but can be very open with ourselves.

Some ritualized processes that we repeat every year and thereby create an anchor for our own goals, support that we can link Ratio with emotions and thus make objectives palpable so that they won´t be lost also in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Last not least we´ll use science to our advantage. Objectives that have been shared are proven to be achieved much more likely than ones developed just by yourself.

"Foresight - Vision" can make the decisive difference for your success and enjoyment achieving your tasks.

  • effective annual goals
  • active conduct of your negotiations and life
  • happier relationships
  • satisfaction derived by clarity
Get a priceless vision, outlook and review of your own goals


At this annual event, we deliberately make space and time to answer ritualized questions with the certain necessary distance and bird´s eye view ..
  • Do our thoughts determine our lives, or vice versa?
  • The big picture
  • The 5 basic strengths to make negotiation relationships more satisfying
  • What has changed in the last 12 months?
  • What have I experienced, accomplished and achieved?
  • marvel at and learn from new ideas and approaches
  • also laugh together once about the seriousness of things...
  • exchange ideas about the "life plan topic" in a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere?!
  • and much more...
Michael Franek

Michael Franek, author und mediator

I have to say I'm totally excited ... because I'm worth it! And that's exactly what Amin Talab teaches in his workshop and I'm very grateful to him for that!


I have to say I'm totally excited ... because I'm worth it! And that's exactly what Amin Talab teaches in his workshop and I'm very grateful to him for that!

Mag. Barbara Peratello; Consultant and Trainer
Cultural Intelligence

The impulses are very, very positive and great to use for me as a lecturer who also has to "sell" herself and her courses. And what's more: people are also allowed to laugh, which makes everything so much easier. Big recommendation!

This interactive workshop is especially valuable for people who can and want to influence their own future, such as:

  • tax consultants
  • lawyers
  • consultants
  • lecturers
  • realtors
  • executives
  • speakers
  • consultants
  • therapists
  • financial advisors
  • trainers
  • coaches
  • fitness trainer
  • doctors
  • mediators

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