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Dr. Stefan Schulz

Director Market Access / MSD

Amin Talab coached a significant group of MSD’s affiliates on general negotiation tactics.  Amin demonstrated excellent connectivity with a highly intercultural audience of 8 different Asian countries, combining a vivid Keynote (in Bangkok) and moderation style case analysis on stage with an interactive training setting for a group of 80. This combination was making it very special, flexible and full of practical experience.

Albert A. Alterjman

General Manager, Middle East, Africa and Turkey / Olympus

I have met Dr. Talab early this year, he was the star of our Olympus Middle East Africa and Turkey’s Channel Partner Summit.
His training session, has been recognized as the best session in the event.
We have invited Dr. Talab this week to conduct an advance session with our sales and commercial team. It was another outstanding event. Dr. Talab is very dynamic, creative, funny and full of knowledge and energy.
I am looking forward reading his Amazon best seller book “Master Negotiator”.
And will be always looking forward for his next sessions.

Wlamir Navarro

Executive Director, Commercial Operations Asia Pacific Region / Merck

 Dr. Amin Talab delivered a negotiation training in our regional office in Singapore as part of our Alliance Management Workshop. There were over 30 participants from most countries in the Asia Pacific Region. Feedback from the team was very positive, particularly the break out sessions/simulations and practical negotiation tips. I highly recommend his workshop.

Uta Goretzky

Executive Director / IFES International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services

Dear Amin,
it was a pleasure working together with you at our World Summit in Istanbul. As already mentioned in phone call, the audience enjoyed your speech as well as your workshop sessions and gave you an “A”-Grade.
So hope to meet you again soon.
Best Regards Uta

Raed Al Swayed

Regulatory Affairs Director / Merck

I had the chance to attend Strategic Negotiation skills training with Dr. Amin. Having this important training with Comeon was very important for me & my career development.
The benefits I got after this training changes my way of negotiating skills which is a process i do every day.
It was a great opportunity getting to know Dr. Amin in person as a professional trainer/ mentor.

Mag. Manfred Philippich

Abteilungsteiler PE & Recruiting / Raiffeisen Ware Austria

We wanted to have Dr. Amin Talab share his experience with our entire management team and invited him to hold a keynote speech on “Strengths of the Master Negotiator – Conflict Resolution aspects in a globalized world”. He spoke at our management forum. Amin surpassed all our high expectations and I wholeheartedly recommend him for such cases. Our participants did get a splendid overview, interesting and motivating ideas and an authentically international expert.

Ing. Robert Egreschitz

Head of Network Development / Orange Austria

Amin has insight, style and is bright, entertaining and thoroughly fascinating. His presentation was absorbing, all the more remarkable given the diversity of the listeners. Amin is an outstanding speaker and facilitator, bringing in his personal integrity and experience to ensure his audience gets a different and new perspective. I am delighted to recommend him and hope to work with him again in the near future.

Mag.(FH) David Oliver Ertler

Head of Human Resources / XAL GmbH

As HR-Director and part of the management team I recently participated in the Master Negotiator program of Amin Talab. I was surprised by the richness of ideas and interactivity of the program. Being an expert in military strategies myself I was very interested to find out about his ideas on analyzing different negotiation strategies and find his ideas extremely useful. Thank you also for the Pocket Guide for Negotiators, which proves useful to summarize the main ideas just before important negotiations.

Cecilia Marinova

Healthcare Executive / Medical Access Solutions

I have participated a tailored made training prepared by Dr. Amin for negotiators across Europe. I still remember moments of acknowledgment and surprise. Training offered good reflection, opportunity for new perspective, evaluation with building possible approaches and management of case. Training was effective with practical examples and training of situations. I still remember negotiation power principle.

Dr. Q Moayad

Mental Coach and Motivational Speaker / Holistic Life Solutions, LLC

Dr. Amin Talab was our European Human Resources & Training Officer for 4 years. During that time he was responsible to hire, train and manage all our Tour Directors in Europe. He did an outstanding job recruiting, motivating and managing a diverse team of Tour Directors from various different European countries and cultures. I am more than happy to recommend his incredible talent to fascinate and interest a diverse audience and design and implement stellar, practical and fun training plans for group leaders. If I ever needed an international and professional HR Manager again, he would be my first choice!

Dr. Wessam Mousa

Business Unit Manager / MSD

Dr. Amin is a highly accomplished and innovative professional with key negotiation experience, specifically in dealing with difficult situations. He is also results-oriented and a visionary leader with proven success in training and enhancing negotiation skills. Dr. Amin also has polished communication, presentation, and excellent problem solving skills. I have found it a pleasure to attend his courses.

Peter Krnac

Executive Director / Merck Sharp & Dome Corp

Dr. Amin Talab is a professional with high integrity and with very good background. He has extensive experience and knowledge specializing in negotiation strategies and training. His negotiation skills training provides significant value and deliver an efficiency improvement to company

Babik Barna

It was a really great pleasure to participate in your training! I think I need to turn over several times the informations regarding the general and my communication techniques. Just for repeating the lesson, I create an elevator pitch:
There was a very special, highly interactive course about selling and communication technique. This course focused not only on selling methods, but communication skills I have never learned before. Instinctive behaviour was analized, missing knowledge was added to in a very nice and personal manner. (USP)
For every physician, who has students, who wants to sell his /her experiences and knowledges or wish/will in every day clinical practice is this course a huge aid. Is is an excellent oppotunity to increase the efficiency of a doctor in his/her job. (benefits)
Personally I can prove that it is very good course, with some handouts too, and, I hope, with some new techniques I picked up here.(evidences)
Thank you very much, Amin

Antonia Perotti

Chief Operations Manager / UniCredit S.p.A.

My feedback to your presentation on Oct, 19th: Please be informed that Sybille and I received from our colleagues a very positive and enthusiastic feedbacks.
I would like to thank you for your help to get our personnel more aware of our intercultural diversities and at the same time closer and more curios to know better each other.
I hope to have in the future more opportunities to work with you.

Mag. Walter Hackl

Department Manager / Bildungsforum

Dr. Amin Talab, LL.M. developed a course of studies in mediation along the guidelines of the Austrian Ministry of Justice for the Bildungsforum Vienna and created the curriculum by the legal framework. He also acquired and coordinated the particular modules with appropriate content. Dr. Talab has also submitted our institute as a qualified education training center in this field, selected the entire teaching staff, evolved a well-balenced team and was himself working as a lecturer and examiner in this training program. Particularly well done were also our regular information-evenings for interested students as a part of our marketing. Dr. Amin Talab, LL.M. had been the headman of the mediation-course at Bildungsforum Vienna from 2008 to 2012 and can absolutely be recommended by our institute! Therefore, we are grateful for his commitment and say “thank you” for his effort!

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