Sparring Round #34: “Closing” to getting you elected as president of your association

Round 34 Topics

The facts are all on the table… the client is not uninterested… but what are you doing now to have her sign? How can the deal be closed?

This was one of the main cases in Round #34 each and every Sparrer had a chance to try his luck on. The results were mixed. Yes, it is possible, but not at every time and for everyone.

Main take-aways from the sales case:

  1. The “sale” needs to have been prepared and introduced carefully. This starts with the setting of the conversation. “Begging” and “Praying” body positions put you in a disadvantage you can hardly overcome later.
  2. We all had to agree in  Sparring Round #34: “hard selling” is completely self-defeating these days. You don´t sell – you let buy.

As always, there were other cases, too. Like conducting clandestine strategic negotiations: how do I show members of our association that the board is not really doing its job. 

Last not least there was a stint into political negotiations, proving that negotiations in private situations, in particular fathers vs. mothers, can be taxing. Finding the right focus is paramount here.

Also, I had the pleasure of honoring one of our Sparrers – Christian received the sought-after “comeon-watch” and are granted special privileges in the Negotiation Sparring Alumni circle.

But I am not revealing any more here online.

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