Do you want minimize resistance from and conflict with clients, colleagues & customers? Book Private Negotiation Coach to support you

  • You want to secure better results in your upcoming meeting?
  • Can´t do all the necessary preparations alone?
  • You´d appreciate some tips on how to nudge the conversation in your direction?
  • Does the opposite side seems to have strong(er) arguments?
  • Do you appreciate to hear a second opinion before "going into battle"?
  • You feel left alone with a problem and could do with some backup?
  • You want to structure your approach and even rehearse it?

...then make use of virtual "Joker Cards" and get Online strategic & tactical support from the Master Negotiator!

Access to your expert and enjoy personal support in 1, 2, 3

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    Book Coaching and reserve your preferred time

    Easily book your Joker Cards right away and enjoy Online support. Pick your preferred day and time, pay by Credit Card on our secure checkout. First 10 minutes to getting to know each other are always free! Discounted packages are available.

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    Enjoy personal support by the leading negotiation expert

    You will be called at your indicated Skype-Number, Zoom, WhatsApp, Signal or good old-fashioned telephone at the confirmed time. Make sure you are undisturbed and do have good internet access.
    Guarantee: You will be speaking to the leading international negotiation expert Dr. Amin Talab directly!
    Whether you want to structure a case, reflect on your options or rehearse your main argument: The Master Negotiator will find the best way to support you in your negotiation.

  • 3

    Play your cards and win the game!

    You will go into your conversation or meeting well prepared, and can "play the Joker Card" to your advantage.
    This way you are bound to win your case!

Do you want to make sure you are reaching your objectives in upcoming negotiations?

Whether fee negotiations, product meeting where you need to convince others of your perspective, conflicting interests, project clarification meetings or a sales talk with an important potential customer: Up your game by enjoying the support of a negotiation expert!

Would you like hear an independent second opinion on your overall strategy? A private Coach to discuss tactics with confidentially? Do you want to rehearse the upcoming negotiation (by whatever name it goes) and try out different options?

Secure extra support for yourself and your team by getting a negotiation expert by your side. He will support you in your preparations and improve your game with Private Negotiation Coaching.

With the Joker YOU have superior cards.

Teresa Beyer Teresa Beyer, Veterinarian

Dr. Talab can adapt to any Setting and negotiation constellation. He motivates, stresses crucial points and helps you to get the best version you can be. Absolutely recommended!

Alexandra Nagle Alexandra Nagle, UniCredit

My coaching sessions with Amin have been exceptionally helpful in preparing clear and simple argumentation lines in negotation situations. Rehearsing specific negotiation discussions with Amin also ensured going into "the real thing" with maximum confidence and clarity about what I want to achieve and how I want to communicate it. Having Amin as a "negotiation joker" in the background was a really valuable resource in mapping out and executing a solid negotiation strategy.

Sabine Maierhofer Sabine Maierhofer, Mental Gewandt

These recommendations in the form of very honest and appreciating feedback allow me to reflect right "practically employed experience".  Dr. Amin Talab is capable to create an atmosphere of trust with his unique way. In this very open and authentic training Amin shares his whole experience and extensive knowledge and doing that enables effective learning and individual growth. For me, this is a very personal form of supervision which I gladly recommend.

Andrea Lanzingher Andrea Lanzingher, Alperia

Amin has given us invaluable outside feedback on presentation, intercultural and rhetorical topics. I highly value his support also in Management Coaching and find his approach very inspiring.


...and receive free bonus time with our JOKER = PRIVATE COACHING packages.

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Free "Getting-to-know-each-other" time
Jokercards (Online support á 15 minutes)
Price guarantee (holiday, weekend, nighttime...)
Free Bonus-Jokercards

1 Joker

€85 use immediately for your success

Premium Consultation

  • Free "Getting-to-know-each-other" time
  • Jokercards (Online support á 15 minutes)1
  • Price guarantee (holiday, weekend, nighttime...)
  • Free Bonus-Jokercards

50 Joker

€3400 25 % free bonus-time

50 Jokers: 40 + 10 (for free)

  • Free "Getting-to-know-each-other" time
  • Jokercards (Online support á 15 minutes)50
  • Price guarantee (holiday, weekend, nighttime...)
  • Free Bonus-Jokercards

Q & A:

How did the name "Joker" evolve?

It is often more successful to solve old problems with unconventional methods. “Thinking outside the box” helps to find solutions where nothing was found before.

In card games, the “Joker” often is a special card, interchangeable and unpredictable, but always support the player who possesses and plays it out. This new Negotiation Support Consulting is an opportunity of a short term bookable, worldwide accessible support without further obligation is just such an “outside the box” solution. Methodically, but also on the matter, the “Joker” shows new ways.

How long does the Consulting last for?

You decide how long each Consulting session last by using your Jokercards. Each Joker last for 1/4 hour consultation. Most training units or short check-up inquiries can be easily finished with 1-3 Jokercards, e.g. testing your main line of argumentation, brainstorming ideas for an expected counterargument or double-checking if an objective fulfills the SMART requirement.

Who consult and trains me?

For all consultations at all times you are guaranteed access to our negotiation expert Dr. Amin Talab. The Author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller “The Master Negotiator” will dedicated himself to each inquiry, gives recommendations and leads you through the Consultation.

How should I prepare?

Most clients come unprepared and want to use the JOKER to help saving their valuable time by structuring the preparation, asking the right questions and pointing out crucial aspects.We use the time to structure your case, setting SMART goals, preparing lines of argumentation, test BATNA´s, do trial round etc. On top of that you can use your JOKER to have your e-mail drafts be looked through, double-check your presentation/argumentation papers (like ppt), critically read through texts etc. This all will safe you tons of time, which is invaluable in particular before and through negotiation situations. Of course, you´d have to invest into JOKERcards that are not free.

On the other hand: If your time is rather cheap, or you just do have a lot of spare time, it would be preferable to limit your inquiry to get one or two extra options or double-check a question important to you. This can make the big difference in your negotiation, and will only cost you 1 JOKER.

In the end this is a question best answered by regarding motivational aspects (it is much easier together) as well as efficiency aspects, so should be answered for each case.

Ist video conferencing necessary or is phone/audio sufficient?

We recommend the use of Skype, FaceTime (iPhone) or Google Hangout software, all free, because short trial sequences are often helpful. (“Why should I buy your idea”). This way your negotiation expert can also give you feedback regarding your facial expression and gestures. At times it also proves useful to show documents or templates shortly or share a screen to read through texts together. This is all possible by phone, but easier by Video Conferencing.

Which kind of cases can I bring to improve?

There is no case that is too trivial, non that is to complicated. Starting from “how do I tell my sun that he shouldn´t be seeing this friend” to “how do I feel with the feeling of powerless anger” to “How shall we set up the sale of our company” everything has been around and is welcome any time. Regarding the activity you can direct your support to check your e-mail argumentation, analyse the optimal seating order up to rehearsing counter-arguments. Everything is possible.

I would like to give a JOKER to somebody as a gift? Is that possible?

We make sure that works! Many of our clients ask what to give to somebody who seems to already own everything he possibly would like. Parents, friends and people interested in the success of somebody they love instinctively feel that giving a JOKER package to somebody could be an extremely useful giv. Helping somebody to be successful – is this not an incredibly beautiful gift? Please let us know in the notes section that you intend to give the package away as gift. We´ll get in touch with our Online Voucher.

When do JOKERs expire?

You can use any JOKER 12 full months from the date of purchase.

What happens if I don´t show up for an appointment?

You should regard you JOKER Consultation like any appointment with a doctor, lawyer or individual service provider. Since your Consultant will be ready exclusively for you, your JOKER will be validated even in the case of a “no show”. Make sure you reschedule your appointment in time for free (up to 24 hours before the appointment).

How does the satisfaction guarantee work?

You can consult on the usefulness of a consultation or training of a specific case for free with your expert. If you find out that it is pointless to proceed and use up your JOKER in your upcoming case you won´t be charged anything and will keep your JOKER, ready to be used in another case. In case you realize in this first free getting-to-know-each-other talk that you don´t feel like using the JOKER at all – for whatever reason – we return the amount you prepaid in full. However, you will surely understand that once we return your fee, we will not offer our services to you in the future ever again.