Group Coaching Negotiation: Ask Amin Anything

24. April 2020

Ask the Master Negotiator Online in
“Ask Amin Anything”

The Online format of group Coaching helps you find the ideal approach to your next of negotiation and get inspired by the input of other negotiators, whether in sales, meetings, presentations or within organizational politics

Some do not really have a specific question, or only a minor one and thus do not want to book the Negotiation Joker 1-1 Coaching for themselves, but prefer the exchange in a group.

Some are mainly interested in situations and roadblocks other negotiators face, and want to learn more about how the go about overcoming those difficulties. They also profit from the motivation and inspiration inherent in having a confidential group to exchange opinions once a month.

Others yet again appreciate the opportunity to stay updated on negotiation matters in a very economical way.

They all find a good opportunity in “Ask Amin Anything”. In this monthly group Coaching all possible (and sometime impossible) cases are being looked at, and questions asked like e.g.:

  • How do I deal with the shark negotiator in my team?
  • What can I answer my client on “You are too expensive”?
  • How do I influence people if I don´t want to become a manipulator?

Dealing with people is very multifacetted: Argumentation, feeling, communication, Goal setting and tracking… it makes sense to answer one or two questions. Let´s strategize, prepare, and improve together.

Agenda (1st Saturday/month) 10:00 Start
10:05 How did my negotiations go last month? Do I get closer to my objectives this year? What are my thoughts and feelings on that ( 2-3 Min/participant)
10:25 Are there open questions I´d like to raise?
10:35 Which goals am I setting for myself? What are my take-aways out of this setting?
10:40 Finish Book “Ask Amin Anything”