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Are you having to influence internal and external deciders, like buyers, decision makers in administrations, country managers, payers and clients and so forth?

Don´t fall behind by employing the same old strategies day-in and day-out. As pro you can´t afford to stand still. Bad habits and outdated approaches will cost you time, money and progress. Results of postponing action are deadly for your business.

We gear all our efforts to help you stay on top of your game and ensure you win the best possible results in even the most challenging setting.  Our clients come to us to secure the top position with special training and consulting formats like the Negotiation JOKER, NegotiationSparring.com, our extensive Master Negotiator Curriculum or with one of our Master-books (some of which have become Bestsellers, like the Master Negotiator!)

We have specialized on the negotiation process and are particularly good when it comes to big organizations dealing across a variety of nationalities and cultures, in particular U.S. and CEE (Central & Eastern Europe incl. Russia) and MEA (Middle East & Africa). While the lessons you can draw are valid for several industries, our particular interest and experience lies with banks, pharmaceutical companies and law firms.

Contact us: We will make sure you and your team will excel your negotiations (and have fun doing so)!

Who are we?

The human side…

We prefer to call ourselves “Facilitator” instead of “Trainer”, “Consultant” or “Coach”, because of the extensive support we provide as:

  • info broker collecting relevant information on the subject upfront
  • educator fostering the learning process and portioning information transfer
  • moderator provoking & leading discussions and argumentation on the subject
  • instructor highlighting & explaining complicated issues
  • entertainer to create an interesting and pleasant atmosphere) and
  • psychologist creating a climate favorable for review & improvement..

To be able to achieve all these diverse objectives, all our facilitators a reknown experts in their respective fields.

Your facilitator is required to hold a University degree as well as a psychological and didactical education (e.g. training and coaching license).

All our facilitators do hold teaching positions as guest professors at vocational institutes and universities and are established, long time lecturers with expert status and reknown expertise.


The pedagogic side…

Philosophic-sofistic approach


We orientate towards tried and tested principles, doctrines and discussions of the sophists and philosophers of the greek roman antiquity. It is our firm believe that the wisdom of the antique philosophy and the revelations and studies from the early sophists to the stoics can contribute a lot to our understanding of communication.
We do not teach “the right, the good or the real”. On the contrary´you will find us showing and discussing quite different explanations, opinions, and thought models. From those, you selects your individual mosaic parts. Our approach is sceptical-constructivist. Every human being “constructs” his own world, depending on his perception, culture, nurture and disposition.

The maieutic method

Dialectics and contradictions

The socratic method to gain understanding starts with a question. With Socrates we believe that each human being is already provided with inherent and sufficient resources. Through questioning, the maieutic method helps to gain access to and link these ressources. In any competence enhancement process, our facilitator will take over the function of a midwife and help to “give birth” to new approaches, behavioral patterns and thinking directions. Questions in training, of course, can be inconvenient. This is because they oblige one to occupy oneself critically with the subject. Socrates has compared himself with a disturbing godfly, that keeps the spirit from falling asleep.
The dialectics of Platon, finally, make the revelations of complex conepts thrilling. We do not think that contradictions are negative per se. Consciously, we do put contradictions in our seminars, and give time to think about long standing and newly learned behavioural patterns. Reflection and discussion by the participants does not, however, take away the self responsibility of each participant. Since there are questions that will not be answered in one final way, contradiction is an integral part of the themes we are talking about. Hence, you can expect new insight, different opinions, but also doubt about stuck approaches and discussions about pro und contra.

Perception and relativism

Fun and happiness in understanding

We think (like Gorgias from Leontinoi or Isokrates), that it is denied to us to base our actions on unequivocal scientifically proven findings. Equally, we negate the potential preception of “the objective reality”. At the same time, this means that we do not offer “recipes” in the lines of “The ten steps towards…”. In our opinion, these would not offer satisfactory answers to the complexity of our communicative behavior.
Like the name philo-sophy is indicating already, lasting “success” and efficient “learning” are inseparable from “playing” and “having fun”. So we combine both areas by introducing games, practical stories and roleplays through tested and long-developed single-player and group exercises. The majority of the contents is being worked out and so acquired by the participants themselves.


The legal side…

The institute for .communication is a registered limited partnership (“Kommanditgesellschaft”), Commercial Court Vienna HG Wien, FN 195925a. Dr. Stefan Amin Talab is our fully liable partner.

2001 the .comeon- institute for .communication was declared to be an organisation that offers adult education according to § 1 (2) of the federal law to promote adult education.*

The comeon.institute is member of the Economic Chamber of Vienna, in the team of specialists for commercial services and is subject to the commercial and vocational regulations of the Austrian Industrial Code. The authority in charge is the District Magistrate for the XX. Vienna municipal district.

Vocational regulations can be found at the website of the specialist group and the Rechtsinformationssystem des Bundes.

* By decleration from January 20th 2001 according to Verordnung  BGBL II Nr. 248/1999 des BMAGS by The Austrian Ministry for educational, scientific and cultural affairs (Bundesministeriums für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur).

Summary of company details @ Economic Chamber.

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