Master Negotiation Power

In negotiations the groundbreaking idea and specialised knowledge are sometimes insufficient to achieve your objectives. This module provides a perfect overview of what it takes to become a consistently powerful negotiator. Analyze which skills you should  focus on an develop and which key actions to take to succeed in difficult negotiations.

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  • You find out about the principle powers and strengths of the Master Negotiator and exchange your respective experience
  • You train different cases as negotiator and will be able to try out and compare your performance to that of other negotiators
  • You will receive immediate feedback as to which techniques and statements were supportive to your objective and where you
  • do have room left for improvement
  • You will get a good understanding of the negotiation process, its pitfalls and its phases

It is the ability to see the big picture, steer negotiations and conversations into the right direction that lets your partners want to realise your ideas. In this module you will get a stellar overview by scrutinizing the characteristics of a Master Negotiator. The initial question is: “What are the strengths of the ideal negotiator?“

This way the different experiences between participants eare exchanged and you can answer yourself honestly if you have been focusing on the right issues.

To structure the negotiation chaos we will be working on the different negotiation phases and its traps. Not only the main issues but also the most important preparation steps will help you not omitting anything important.

In this respect the negotiation exercises will support your learning and training process. The perception of “observers” and the possibility to get feedback forms filled out by all participants lets you know about your charisma and effect. The special advantage of our training is that here you are able to actually exchange experiences and results with others after the negotiation. Ask how your negotiation techniques are received and assess your results on the basis of the outcome!

  • 3 days
  • Individual evening reading/repetition of inputs in the evenings
  • Preparation for Cases Studies can be extended into evenings

  • Find out what is negotiable and where the common ground and difference is to conflicts, mediation, argumentation and discussions
  • Compare your negotiation experience to that of others when working on the characteristics of a “Master Negotiator”
  • Listen to what an experienced trainer of the NYPD says about necessary characteristics of a negotiator and discuss whether that holds true for your area
  • Convince your employee “Gratochwil“ to move to Spain under your conditions or simply fire him and give the job to Mrs. Schwarz.
  • Discuss the chances and pitfalls of each negotiation phase and present your considerations and respective experience
  • Achieve your goals as CFO and bring other executive members into line or you will have to finance a sports center for your rebellious employees
  • Convince the executive board as Chairman of the works council that a company kindergarten is imperative. Also negotiate favorable conditions for the personnel which will help you secure reelection in coming up elections.
  • Will you be successfully developing the best options with your colleagues as Sales executive in the “Office Jungle” case? If not, you will have to hand back the power to decide and defer to your boss´ decision. (incl. video analysis)
  • Analyse your own negotiation cases and have others play your part while you can try out the opposite side! During „Stop & Go“ you can model the situation over and over till you find your optimal strategy.
  • Get anonymous circle feedback in a process that we have developed. You will find out how others would prepare for negotiating with you and how they assess your negotiation strategies.


Negotiation knowledge quiz – SELF POSITIONER (.pdf)

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