Negotiation Curriculum: Become a Master Negotiator in 5 seminar modules

Experience the world of the Master Negotiator and you will never look at human interaction and persuasion the same way again.

A huge amount of day-to-day challenges of modern executives and key-accounts have to be solved by means of negotiation:

  • Motivating deciders
  • closing deals
  • building lasting relationships
  • facilitating conflicts of interests…

This in-house negotiation curriculum offers the very best for the development of your negotiation skills throughout an extensive 5 module seminar program.

Overview Master Negotiator Program (.pdf)

Each workshop focuses on one decisive negotiation area with practical exercises and compact and intensive background knowledge.

The module Master Negotiation Power is a “best of” selection of the whole Curriculum providing an overview over the most important areas and skills. The Curriculum starts with this seminar.

The 4 additional blocks give the opportunity to analyse psychological aspects and different negotiation types (Seminar 2), compare cutting edge strategies (Seminar 3), employ persuasive language and rhetorics in negotiations (Seminar 4) to aspects of power, tactics and argumentation techniques. The chronology of these four blocks has been carefully chosen for didactic reasons but can be chosen freely to concentrate on the most pressing areas first.

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