Are you interested in the big questions of life?

Then the Little Free Thinker book will inspire you! This book displays answers given by different cultures & religions. Start a wonderful journey with family & friends, talking about the miraculous world we are living in.



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Society categorizes children as being "Muslim", "Christian" or "belonging to" another ideology

However, we believe there are no ”Capitalist”, “Marxist”, “Liberal” or “Conservative” kids, only parents who believe in the respective ideas and ideologies. Equally, there should not be “Christian”, “Muslim” or otherwise religiously categorized kids, only little humans, free to choose their faith,when they are ready.

Kids are searching for answers to the big questions in life

Free-thinking kids will try to find their path, and their answers, to the big questions we face in life. Kids ask questions instinctively and are keen to learn. Nobody can or should select answers for them, and their young minds and hearts should get a chance to explore freely, without limitations.


Kids need input & dialogue with parents, family & friends

Loving parents, educated family and true friends can help finding answers to the big questions of life, without predetermining their faith. We believe this means offering a choice. Choice, of course, entails variety and knowledge, showing the “big picture”.

Even more important is the way "other beliefs" is being talked about. Demonizing others as "heathens", "heretics", "godless" or "infidels" has been the reason for countless bloody wars throughout human history. Learning and accepting variety, also in beliefs, helps overcome that ignorance.

How the Little FreeThinker book initiates the spark of mutual understanding

This is where our “Little FreeThinker” book comes in.

Answers available by our institutions and societies, in schools and public (political) life are often one-sided and discriminate against or exclude answers of other faiths. How are kids supposed to get the “full picture”?

The “Little FreeThinker” will offer a variety of drawings made by kids themselves to get a feeling for the variety of beliefs in the world. It will give inspiration by illustrating easily digestible pictures of religions for little free thinkers to explore, experience and discover.

These pictures are meant to start and guide a beautiful journey of exploring different belief systems and experiencing the freedom to talk to their loved ones about about the most profound questions in our lifes.


We want to self-produce a beautiful hard-cover book, suitable for kids´ hands, that helps families & friends to start talking to each other about “the big questions in life”, free of limitations or ideological zeal.

This dialogue will provide a starting point to finding answers and open minds to different paths and ways of thinking, but also to learn that talking about and understanding different beliefs is fundamental to living with and next to each other in peace.

We hope you help us creating a book that will allows kids to find their own answers by exploring a variety of paths.

We crowdfund this project and would be thrilled to have you on board. If you always wanted to promote "world peace" and are interested in our project, this could be your chance! Give a few books away to kids you love and start the dialogue in your corner of the world.

Please insert your e-mail and we´ll inform you about updates and our book progress regularly.


THE AUTHORS: Kids between 6-11 years, eager to paint and open to explore

We have brought together 8 kids from different cultures painting about religions:

Amira Talab

Soraya Talab

Leonie Pfandlsteiner

Arya Basra

Nuriel Yonatan

Amélie Bergler

Karen, Youssif & Mark George

Mustafa Kalam

Agil Raditya Noval


THE BACKERS: Thank you for your generous help in crowdfunding our book



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Brigitte Slepicka, BA MA MA

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Margit Wiener

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Dr. Franz Brandstetter

Dr. Gernot Hutter

Mag. (FH) Sandra Marya


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  • Support inter-religious dialogue: Knowing means overcoming fear and tension between people THE LITTLE FREETHINKER fosters dialogue and exchange rather than ideology and zeal
  • Contribute to understanding and peace: Acceptance of differences helps bridging differences. Help future generations of humankind and friends with this specific, personal gift
  • Make a strong statement: If you believe in opening minds, put your money to good use and enable a project that will open minds (and will certainly find enemies).
  • Help a kid find meaning: Enjoy a wonderful time with a young person of your choice to ponder the big questions of life and help them to understand the big picture and find their way in life

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