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Communicate Own Prices & Services Convincingly

Train with
Speed Negotiating.

Well…what do you do for a living?

The next seconds will determine whether you are remembered as a potentially interesting vendor and, if so, commissioned.


Presenting your own performance favorably brings joy and orders

If you are an accountant, lawyer, trainer, coach, consultant, tax advisor, graphic designer or the like and can correctly explain and present the benefits of your service, clients, orders and fees will almost automatically fly to you.

But this requires convincing, active presentation at formal meetings and, even more so, at informal occasions. Clients often find themselves lost as to what benefit you provide exactly, what distinguishes you from other providers and why your costs are higher than some of your competitors´. Every single customer also wants to be addressed personally and convinced individually of your performance and price.

Therefore, it is smart to engage in optimization of one’s client conversations and “fee negotiations”, since you should convince without appearing salesy!

We help improve your client conversations by helping you to implement a good structure, giving you negotiation tips, and training you throughout our Speed Negotiating Series.

This event series gives the opportunity to practice

  • Quickly “getting across” the value of your service [benefit argumentation].
  • Explaining the customer value  [Unique Selling Proposition]
  • Properly ring in the price argument  [price argument]
  • Best Practice examples [reflection].

Online Speed-Negotiating Event: Why this is the ideal success format?

The real challenge often lies in finding the correct words at the crucial brief moment to an unknown potential client. You know what you’re doing. But how does that come across to the other person?

Our new online speed negotiating format is ideal for this training exercise. For the very first time, it is now possible to be automatically paired with  event participants from a different part of the world. The time is set in advance, so you can focus on practicing your “elevator pitch” with an unknown interlocutor. After a short reflection everybody moves on to the next round with a new partner. This way, any input can be practiced right away.

Speed Negotiating Event Location Online

Get paired automatically and be ready to train

Receive feedback – and implement it right away

Whereas feedback can hardly be obtained from the customer (“And, how was my self-introduction?“), we have incorporated rounds of reflection with the practice partners in speed negotiating. So you can incorporate feedback and improve round by round!

What are the benefits of speed negotiating?

All inputs and exercises aim at

  • more sales
  • higher gain
  • happier customers
  • Satisfaction through appreciation
This motivational event pays for itself AND gets you new customers in the future!

Last but not least there is the joy of selling and negotiating and the exchange with other freelancers, entrepreneurs and sales people.

New input at every event

To keep client performance in the top range, each Speed Negotiating Event provides different technical input and food for thought. Mistakes and laughter are encouraged, simply because customer meetings also work much better when they are fun…
Topics and inputs in the event series:
  • Using the negotiation triangle as a structural aid in the customer discussion to retain the initiative
  • Selling yourself and your services in such a way that the customer only wants you
  • What you should do before the negotiation to be seen as a specialist
  • Learn lines of argument  and use them in fee negotiations.
  • What crucial levels of the interlocutor you need to address
  • Which is the tactically correct place to name price for the first time
  • How to develop an optimized positioning that supports fee development
  • How to respond to “Why are you so expensive!” .
  • Honest feedback under professional guidance.
  • Marvel at and learn from new ideas and approaches
  • Laugh out loud at the seriousness of things…
  • Exchange views on the subject of fee negotiations in a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere?!
  • Relevant tips that can be implemented immediately and, above all, the opportunity to practice them straight away.

What do (former) participants say?

This way you can conduct your next customer meeting in a more structured and (self-)conscious way! Many satisfied participants return year by year to get tips, motivation and ideas for further success:

marianneMarianne Hiegesberger, garden designer

I design gardens through maintenance when asked about the fee I always thought I was too expensive. The workshop ‘Better fee negotiations’ was very practice-oriented. We presented our own performance in changing small groups and explained the customer benefits, while the question of price was cleverly  packaged into the negotiation talk. Negotiating  is easier when you know what you can offer and  know your target.

Dr. Amin Talab inspires with examples from practice and with WIT (wit mind, spirit and esprit). Finally I would like to say that we laughed a lot and laughing strengthens self-confidence.

Farbberaterin FotoSilvia Dinstl, Colour, Style and Image Consultant


In my joy of showing everyone how beautiful they are with their colors, I sometimes forget to ask for a proper fee. To remedy this shortcoming, I visited Mag. Dr. Amin Talab! My expectations were totally exceeded, I am thrilled! I learned more about myself and even my mistakes through the practical exercises and Amin’s concrete suggestions for improvement than I had in all the years before. Achieving better fees? Thanks Amin, this is easy thanks to your feedback! I just think every self-employed person, should have your books (” The Negotiation Master” and “Simply…Worth…It”-) as required reading on their nightstand. And treating yourself to one of your seminars, is not only good for the ego but also for the wallet!!!

Michael FranekMichael Franek, author und mediator

I have to say I’m totally excited … because I’m worth it! And that’s exactly what Amin Talab teaches in his workshop and I’m very grateful to him for that!

Daniela Müller Film Production,

What I particularly liked is that I learned a lot about myself today – that I have skills that I didn’t even think I had, e.g. presenting my company briefly, concisely and clearly, which impressed others a lot. The workshop was very interesting and very exciting!

WellenhoferKlaus Wellenhofer; Photographer

I took away a bunch of great ideas and must say kudos, it was very good!

BarbaraMag. Barbara Peratello; Consultant and Trainer
Cultural Intelligence

The impulses are very, very positive and great to use for me as a lecturer who also has to “sell” herself and her courses. And also: it’s okay to laugh, which makes everything so much easier . Big recommendation!

Who should be there

This interactive workshop is especially valuable for service providers such as:

  • tax consultants
  • lawyers
  • Consultants
  • lecturers
  • realtors
  • Speaker
  • speakers
  • Consultants
  • Therapists
  • financial advisors
  • trainers
  • coaches
  • fitness trainers
  • doctors
  • mediators

…and anyone who offers their service for a freely negotiated fee. The diverse group of participants guarantees maximum exchange and open practice opportunities with a wide variety of colleagues and negotiation types.

Invest in your most important entrepreneurial skill: The acquisition of customers by the convincing presentation of your own performance and your price. This event gives you rehearsal opportunities with a wide variety of negotiating partners and will already make your sales life easier at the very next customer meeting.

The event series gives you the kick you need to acquire clients on a regular basis, increase sales and appear with confidence in a negotiation meeting.

Event Tickets & Prices

Theory: Explain conversation structure, intrinsic value, Magic Triangle, and analyze your own conversation and review conversation guide.

Practice Speed Negotiating i.e. practicing the correct approach through repetition and feedback from numerous practice partners.

Buy your Single Ticket  – € 148,50 (net, i.e. 178,20 incl. VAT)


Pay 2, get 1 FREE! (3 dates) –> Per Speednegotiating Event € 99,-(net)

3 event days 15 April, 15 July and 15 December in total € 297,- (net, i.e. 356,40 incl. VAT)


Since the program will have its debut on April 15th and be held the very first time, we are open for cooperation partners. Do you see a benefit in working with us? Then please don´t hesitate to contact us!

Find the tentative program of our event here.

Recommended Preparation:

Our training focuses on the active practice of selected situations in fee discussions. The event is also about self-motivation, networking and benchmarking. It is therefore recommended that you check out the following books before the event:

Why...Why Me...& Why it´s simply worth it?!

ISBN  978-3-95022-69-9-7 Why...Why Me... And Why It´s Simply Worth It?! 

ISBN  978-3-9502269-5-9 The Master Negotiator



Dr. Amin Talab, LL.M. (Manchester) has developed and designed this event and will personally host the entire event.

As Course leader and trainer of various coaching, mediation and training courses he knows the fee challenge self-employed and freelancers face in detail. His colleagues' questions are the starting point for his work in fee negotiations. He himself has been a lecturer, speaker and negotiation trainer for more than 20 years, independently with several companies since 2000. Not only through his consulting work for his clients, but also as a teaching trainer and course leader, certified fitness and wellness trainer, president of the Association for Integrated Mediation, he has real-life example cases of fee discussions (both good and not so good). At this event, you can tap into his experience.

What are you waiting for when booking your fee negotiations and acquisition meetings?

To better customers?

To better times?

Make "better customers and times" for yourself now!

Good fee negotiations and acquisition meetings are a central key to business success. How much time should you invest into improving your customer, consulting and sales talks - and when should you start?

It is worth your while- in the truest sense of the word!

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