Do you find your picture on my website?!

19. February 2013

Dear Negotiation Insider!

Done! After 13 years this website has been completely relaunched.

You will discover pictures of “Negotiators in Action” and some remarkable surroundings of my (international) work, e.g my favorite brdige in Istanbul linking Europe and Asia  (rather like myself) or the pyramids of Gizeh lit by night. As you very likely have been working with me in these 13 years, you might find yourself on my new site?!

No need to mention that there are no public fotos of Ghost Negotiating clients. Also almost all faces have been retouched so you will be the only one recognizing yourself (at least if you remember your attire).


Well then, have fun discovering the new!

Have a nice day!


Dr. Amin Talab