Happy New Year

Dear negotiation insider!

2012 was a moving year with difficult negotiations all over the world: Financial Crisis in Europe, Fiscal Cliff in the U.S.A., revolution and constitutional negotiations all over the Arab world.

Negotiations ask for our attention also at more personal places. Many corporations are rethinking their organisational structure (my point of contact and partners are constantly changing!) and even within our families negotiations seem to become the norm rather than the exception (of course we do like our children to argue and think for themselves, but sometimes a mere “Yes, Daddy” would be very welcome).
Last not least we constantly mediate negotiations between different parts of ourselves. This comes especially true these days, when we are about to finish 2012 and start a new year. Remember the SMART grid when you allow New Year Resolutions for 2013!

I also let you have comeon news and intentions for 2013 in a nutshell:

1) I recently opened a Twitter account to find out if there is interest from you. I plan to post news and events regarding the world of intercultural negotiation occasionally. Please let me know if there are special issues you would like me to cover and follow @AminTalab if you are interested.

2) There is a new YouTube Video on what I do as Ghost Negotiator.

3) This newsletter will become a blog. No action needed, you will still get a reminder by e-mail and are welcome to visit www.comeon.at any time.

4) Our website will be renewed to reflect our focus on negotiation and mediation issues and have more pictures and social media on it.

Happy New Year! I wish you all satisfaction and success in your negotiations for 2013, wherever they will take place!

Dr. Amin Talab