Mediation & Arbitration

N ot every conflict seems to be solvable by means of negotiation. Sometimes it is helpful to involve an independent, unbiased “catalyst” who contributes as mediator, arbitrator or even in a combination (med-arb) to spped up the process. We regularly provide Dr. Amin Talab for this purpose as single arbitrator. He also is approved by the Austrian Ministry for Justice and registered in the respective list of approved mediators.

Important advantages of our support compared to the classical litigation process are:

  • We bring about an enforcable solution fast.
  • Your costs are being minimized.
  • All involved parties retain some control over the process.
  • In contrast to court proceedings your good name will stay untainted.

Our specialization are conflict solutions in the intercultural environment due to our experience and origins.

    Mediation is a

    • structured process
    • that allows all involved parties to a dispute
    • to attempt by themselves, on a voluntary basis, to reach an agreement on the settlement of their dispute
    • with the assistance of a specifically trained, unbiased mediator*

    In our experience we find the mediation process particularly well suited for conflicts...

    • within the management,
    • within the circle of shareholders,
    • in the course of reorganizations,
    • when integrating new organizations,
    • involving inter-border disputes,
    • originating from cultural differences,
    • in between supervisors and team members,
    • between colleagues,
    • withing teams and departments,
    • involving management vis-a-vis works council,
    • coming from succession arrangements.

    * See also Article 3 of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the European Council of 21 May 2008 on Certain Aspects Of Mediation In Civil And Commercial Matters (2008/52)

    In specific cases we can be called upon to provide a private Court to hear your case, and issue an unbiased arbitration award (judgement) at the request of all respective conflict parties. This judgement is legally binding for all parties and can be declared enforceable by state authorities.*
    In the combination called med-arb there are mediation proceedings as a first step. The remaining contentious issues are decided in the entailing arbitration process. Mediator and Arbitrator regularily are identical. This way you can be confident already in the beginning of the resolution process that your conflict definitely will be ended.

    * subject to international agreements. Austria has a very favorable position and is party of the most respected international treaties.

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