Ghost Negotiating

A s Ghost Negotiators we stand by your side undercover and not recognized by anyone as negotiation expert.  We support you not only during preparations for your negotiations, but can also join at the negotiation site, often disguised as assistant, colleague or project manager. You can make use of extra “eyes and ears” with you and an expert to concentrate exclusively on relevant negotiation process signals.

This way you are always a step ahead of your negotiation opponent and insure yourself against unrecognized chances and missed opportunities.


Your benefit

You are about to enter negotiations? No matter if your own salary negotiations or calls for a strike from you Works Council: Prepare yourself the best possible way with professional support!

Do you want an independant outside view on your strategy? Somebody to discuss tactics with confidentially? Or even an expert at your side during tricky negotiations to help assessing the situation and giving you tips during important parts of the negotiation?


The process

As Ghost Negotiators we will provide you with professional support throughout all negotiation phases. During the preparation  we go through and and structure your case in a strategically beneficial way. Then we go ahead and practice your appearance to be secure and partner oriented.

You also can choose (video-)phone support before, inbetween and during negotiation appointments, useful for arising questions, considerations and changed ways of proceeding.


Priorities and focus

  • The “Outside view”: Discussions, benchmarking, comparing different approaches
  • Preparation of your argumentation
  • Definition and scrutiny of negotiation objectives
  • Presentation & argumentation outline, helpful structuring methods, convincing conclusion
  • “Ghost Negotiating” i.e. supporting you during negotiations (confidentially)
  • Dealing with heckling, disturbances and objections
  • Anchoring, closing techniques and tactics
  • Authenticity in body language
  • Video analysis & feedback


Who can draw on a Ghost Negotiator?

The advice of a Ghost Negotiator can be purchased just like legal support. The reality-tested support for upcoming cases is meant for individual negotiators as well as for teams who want to prepare the best possible way for negotiations and reflect on their practice.

You can draw on the support of a “Ghost negotiator” during preparations but also during (parts of) negotiations. This can be done undercover and confidentially.

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